• • Providing expert advice from project inception to closure;
  • • Setting clear objectives and a defined scope;
  • • Supplying crucial resources where and when required;
  • • Using a structured process for managing risk;
  • • The tight control of budgets;
  • • Management of communications and supply chain relationships;
  • • Performance measurement through key performance indicators.


  • • Support to public and private sectors in managing multi-year infrastructure;
  • • Development, economic or social programmes;
  • • Programme design;
  • • Programme administration;
  • • Stakeholder management;
  • • Grand fund management support;
  • • Financial administration;
  • • Training and capacity building;
  • • Procurement support;
  • • Contract administration.

  • Division Head: Rod Stewart | Email: | Tel: 033 347 7900


    Mariswe offers integrated transportation services throughout the infrastructure life cycle from concept and design to operation and maintenance. We employ highly qualified professionals and place strong emphasis on delivering quality engineering solutions incorporating the latest global technologies.

    Building on the experience of providing sustainable transportation infrastructure across sub-Saharan Africa for more than 40 years, our multi-disciplinary transportation service offering includes:

  • • Transportation planning;
  • • Traffic engineering;
  • • Roads and highways;
  • • Urban infrastructure (including public transport);
  • • Airports;
  • • Construction project management;
  • • Mining related infrastructure.

  • Division Head: Lucas J Ebels | Email: | Tel: 011 709 8420


    Mariswe offers comprehensive water engineering services from planning to construction management for the abstraction, conveyance, storage and drainage of raw, potable, treated and waste water. This includes:

  • • Water resource planning and studies;
  • • Situation assessments and catchment studies;
  • • Reconnaissance, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies for water resource developments;
  • • Bankable feasibility studies for new mining and industrial developments;
  • • Management and co-ordination of multidisciplinary planning studies;
  • • Infrastructure planning, design and construction;
  • • Dams, weirs and river abstraction works;
  • • Bulk raw and treated water pump stations and reservoirs;
  • • Bulk conveyance systems including canals and large bore pipelines;
  • • Irrigation systems;
  • • Solid waste disposal;
  • • Water conservation, demand management, leak detection and leak control;
  • • Water source development and bulk supply systems for mining and industrial developments;
  • • Development and support to water services authorities;
  • • Institutional structures for operation and maintenance;
  • • Operate, maintain, train and transfer projects.

  • Mariswe has substantial experience in large multidisciplinary water and wastewater treatment projects, including process, civil, mechanical and structural design of new treatment works, upgrading and refurbishment of existing works, process optimisation and review.

    Division Head: Louis Uys | Email: | Tel: 012 424 9700


    Mariswe's expertise spans a wide variety of structural forms and material types. We offer analytical and design services for civil, commercial, industrial, institutional, health and residential structures.

    The individual team members have experience in projects including high rise buildings, bridges, industrial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, cold storage facilities, distribution warehouses, civil engineering structures, mining structures and water-retaining structures among others.

    Specific areas of expertise include:

  • • Prestressed and reinforced concrete design for civil engineering and building structures;
  • • Structural steel design for civil engineering and building structures;
  • • Facade and curtain walling design and detailing;
  • • High rise buildings;
  • • Advanced finite element design and application in bridge and building design;
  • • BIM (building information modelling);
  • • Green buildings and sustainable engineering design;
  • • Assessment and rehabilitation of buildings and civil engineering structures;
  • • Dynamic analysis and seismic design;
  • • Bridge management systems;
  • • Fast track project management.

  • Division Head: Kuben Govender | Email: | Tel: 011 709 8420


    Mariswe formulates strategic level multi-stakeholder plans for the development and lifecycle management of infrastructure. This takes cognisance of institutional, legislative, social and environmental imperatives in parallel with project constraints such as time and budget.

    Services include:

  • • Strategic planning, programme development and management consulting services;
  • • Specialised assistance with feasibility studies and basic services delivery;
  • • Use of GIS (geographic information systems) and other software platforms;
  • • Planning for integrated development (IDPs) water services development (WSDPs), land use and zoning, institutions, forestry and transportation;
  • • Infrastructure mapping and infrastructure management systems;
  • • Legal and statutory issues;
  • • Information communication technology;
  • • Training and capacity building for clients, emerging consultants and learner contractors;
  • • Social liaison and facilitation;
  • • Financial, budget and programme management.

  • Mariswe also offers socio-economic consulting services including local, regional and sectoral economic development strategies, economic spatial frameworks and economic and social infrastructure audits.

    Division Head: Sandra Munnik | Email: | Tel: 012 424 9700



    Mariswe's iCU system is a construction risk management methodology suited to dynamic project environments that need rapid responses to changes in the pace, nature, scope and sequence of the works. Important features of the iCU system are:

  • • Contractual flexibility;
  • • Management of construction resources by Mariswe to align with contract requirements;
  • • Construction cost savings up to 30%;
  • • Reduced lead times for fast track projects;
  • • Reduced disputes due to collaborative and team oriented approach;
  • • Suitable for FIDIC and NEC3 contract platforms;
  • • Includes ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance procedures.


    Mariswe's experience in the design and supervision of agricultural infrastructure projects extends over more than 25 years. Our clients include government departments and the private sector companies. Mariswe has successfully concluded several major private sector development projects in southern Africa incorporating the following:

  • • Dams;
  • • Canals;
  • • Pump stations;
  • • Large diameter pipelines;
  • • Irrigation systems;
  • • Land clearing and preparation;
  • • Dairies;
  • • Piggeries;
  • • Broiler Farms.


    Mariswe has established a comprehensive work group for the effective implementation of telecommunications construction projects. Member firms specialise in telecommunication network (transmission technology and fibre) design, engineering and deployment services as well as the provision of network operations centre services. This is combined with Mariswe’s expertise in project management, construction contracts, contract procurement and civil engineering services.

    The following services are offered for ICT infrastructure:

  • • Route survey and basic planning;
  • • Geotechnical investigations;
  • • Detail designs and construction drawings;
  • • Wayleaves and permitting;
  • • Contract strategy and documentation;
  • • Procurement of contractors and suppliers;
  • • Risk assessment and management;
  • • Establishment of project management office;
  • • Site supervision and commissioning;
  • • Site close-out and handover.

  • The following transmission planning services are provided by member firms:
  • • Transmission and infrastructure planning;
  • • Procurement of transmission equipment service provider;
  • • Planning and installation of active equipment;
  • • Operation and maintenance of optical fibre network;
  • • Network operations centre (NOC).


    Mariswe has worked closely with numerous project houses in the mining sector, successfully undertaking design and construction management assignments in South Africa, SADC countries and beyond.

    We have also completed a wide variety of projects directly for mining houses. These include capital optimisation studies, restructuring of open pit mining contracts, as well as the design and construction management of mining and civil infrastructure. Our knowledge of the challenges of implementing projects in Africa enables us to provide valuable input into due diligence studies, bankable feasibility studies and project planning.

    Mining infrastructure services offered by Mariswe include:

  • • Design and construction management of bulk and mining infrastructure.
  • • Water resource planning and licensing, together with water balance analyses.
  • • Storage, conveyance and treatment of raw water.
  • • Effluent treatment and disposal.
  • • Access and haul roads (surfaced and gravel) including bridges and drainage structures.
  • • Heavy duty and special purpose pavements for use by off-highway mining vehicles and equipment.
  • • Runways and airfields.
  • • Mining structures: structural steel, reinforced concrete, composite structures, buildings.
  • • Tailings disposal and return water infrastructure.
  • • Hydrological studies including flood-line determination, storm water management and river diversions.
  • • Civil services for process plants, mining areas and residential areas.
  • • Formulation of project specifications and conditions of contract for both underground and open pit mining operations.
  • • Contract administration incorporating resource management, financial management and contract dispute resolution.