Sound ethical conduct is
non-negotiable at Mariswe


Mariswe has built a proud tradition of excellence in providing engineering solutions with integrity across sub-Saharan Africa. Our primary focus is on improving people’s lives in everything we do.
Mariswe is committed to setting an example as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen.
Our Code of Conduct and Business Integrity Management Policy serve as anchors for all employees to represent the company in a morally ethical manner. Every new employee signs the Code of Conduct and therefore subscribes to integrity and transparency in all that he or she does at Mariswe.
Mariswe has a zero-tolerance policy to corruption, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, extortion, theft, conflicts of interest, favouritism, nepotism, and any other dishonest practices that undermine our values, destroy trust and threaten our future. Such activities will be investigated within the law and appropriate steps will be taken to recover resulting losses or damages.

Social and Ethics Committee

Our Social and Ethics Committee, represented by at least three directors on the Mariswe board, works to ensure that we act with integrity in our relationships with internal and external stakeholders and avoid conflicts of interest.
It is the responsibility of employees to report all incidents of fraud, corruption, theft, or other dishonest activities to their managers or to the administrator at
The Social and Ethics Committee is supported in its decision-making role by a Social and Ethics Work Group that processes information to be considered by the committee.

Protection of whistle-blowers

Whistle-blowing is a process that enables employees or other individuals to raise concerns about any form of malpractice perceived to be taking place within an organisation. By enabling Mariswe to take prompt corrective action, this early warning system could save the company and its employees serious reputational damage, loss of income and potential job losses.
The Protected Disclosures Act 26 of 2000 provides protection to whistle-blowers in the private and public sectors who disclose information regarding unlawful or irregular conduct by their employers or fellow employees.