Mariswe believes in careers, not jobs. We understand that growth and
fulfilment are important for happy employees and teams who live and act
according to our mantra of “Improving Lives. Engineering Solutions.”


As part of its employee development strategy Mariswe offers two programmes to prepare employees for future leadership roles within the company, namely:
– A Leadership Development Programme (LDP) providing structured learning for any staff member identified as having leadership potential;
Training for Succession, a further programme for individuals identified for growth into specific positions.

Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

The LDP aims to develop selected employees through internal and external training, mentoring and coaching to fill leadership roles in the future.
All permanent employees from middle management level upwards may apply and up to 10 employees are selected annually to join the three-year programme. Candidates must complete the LDP to be considered for more senior positions.

Training for Succession

Following completion of the LDP, selected employees may be invited to undertake the Training for Succession programme as potential successors to specific roles within the company.
Specific job titles may be included in this programme depending on retirement plans of the current incumbent, the difficulty of filling a position if the current incumbent leaves the company, and the availability of employees with the potential to fill the position.
Employees must be identified and start Training for Succession at least 12 months prior to the current incumbent leaving/retiring. The Training for Succession programme involves external courses and job specific internal training, as well as mentoring and job shadowing.