In 2008 Mariswe established an internal fund to assist the children of
eligible employees to complete their secondary school education. The
Mother Theresa Fund was established a number of years ago after the
daughter of an employee, who was studying for matric at the time,
experienced a life changing incident.


At the time it was acknowledged that many scholars with potential are not afforded the opportunity to study at high school level and realise their full potential. The Mother Theresa Fund was then established and appropriately named in memory of the incident referred to above. It is also appropriate that the fund remembers Mother Teresa of Calcutta and through it we strive to encapsulate her value system.
In the past 10 years the scope of the Mother Theresa Fund has grown to include financial support for primary, secondary and tertiary education depending on the needs of the family concerned. The aim is to give the children of Mariswe employees, as well as children for whom Mariswe employees are legal guardians, opportunities to realise their full potential.
The grant is available to permanent employees of Mariswe who have been employed by the company for at least one calendar year, who are earning below a specific threshold, and whose children are in or registered to attend government schools or accredited tertiary institutions.
An employee may apply to the fund, which covers various costs:
• School fees
• Text books and stationery
• Uniform
• Other costs which will be considered on a case by case basis
Mariswe will be providing financial support to 11 recipients for the 2019 academic year at a total value of R224 603,02.