Mariswe helps build sustainable
business partners.


Exposure to potential clients, access to professional guidance and assistance with compliance and cash flow management are the major
benefits cited by emerging businesses in Mariswe’s supplier development programme.
Mariswe is partnering successfully with five emerging firms around South Africa. All are professional service providers in the infrastructure/built environment sector and potential suppliers to Mariswe and its clients.
Mariswe has chosen specific emerging companies as supplier development partners based on the high calibre of the entrepreneurs involved, the synergies with our business and the sustainability of the services provided.
These firms agree that as emerging enterprises their greatest barriers to success include penetrating the market as “newcomers”, cash flow, managing growth and retaining talent.
Partner firms receive assistance from Mariswe ranging from professional mentoring, guidance in IT, HR and financial matters and opportunities for joint tendering, to early payments for work done to ease cash flow, interest-free loans, and office space to extend reach into new areas.
Ziphelele Planning and Environmental Consultancy (ZPEC)
Town and regional planning services, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Gugulethu ‘Gugu’ Sithole, Director

“The opportunity to work with professionals who have been in the industry for years has been the most significant aspect of my association with Mariswe. They have shared not only technical expertise, but the skills required to run and manage the business. Our biggest challenge has been establishing our business as a believable brand. Mariswe has provided both financial and non-financial support to grow our business, including training and mentorship programmes as well as help in branding and marketing our business. We are now getting the exposure that we have been struggling to achieve for years.”

RNA Consulting Engineers
Electrical and mechanical engineering consultancy, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - Eric Ceba

“ Compliance is one of the toughest issues facing smaller companies. In the past eight years, Mariswe has helped RNA to upgrade its computer software, develop annual workplace skills plans, get employment equity plans and reports updated and submitted on time, and maintain its B-BBEE level.“

RNA has partnered with Mariswe in several projects in the Eastern Cape.”

Robust Engineers
Civil and structural engineering consultancy, Secunda, Mpumalanga - Mpafane Wayiti

“We are trying to expand and diversify our client base and Mariswe has empowered us to tender for projects we wouldn’t have attempted previously and provided office space in Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg to expand our reach.

Professional support in preparing tenders, checking designs and marketing has given Robust newfound confidence. The knowledge transfer and exposure to bigger opportunities have been valuable in gaining recognition as a professional firm.”

Mzamasi Solutions
Architectural firm, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Dumisani Mzangwa, managing member, director

“The industry is skilled and rightfully so. There are established firms that are way more cutting edge then we are. To penetrate the market and make a mark, you need all the sharp tools of delivery including resource capacity. Talent retention is a central issue that comes at an extremely high cost and must be managed sensitively.

The ability to partner and collaborate with an established company with an extensive history means that we are on the right track. The professional support and guidance, together with access to Mariswe’s national office footprint, makes us scalable. Now we have the resources and opportunities to grow our value proposition and our revenue, and to compete sustainably.”

Loato Engineers
Civil and structural engineering consultancy, Johannesburg, Gauteng - Mahlwane Selwane, founder

“Loato Engineers was started in 2013 with the vision of growing our multi-disciplinary team to offer a broad spectrum of specialist professional services across all aspects of the project life cycle. We have become a reputable player in the transformation of the South African consulting industry and aim to become the preferred professional service provider to our clients through excellence and efficiency.”

Following Mariswe’s lead, we encourage growth and development in all our staff and view skills development and capacity building as a critical component of our business.”

For more information please contact Thokozani Mntambo, coordinator of Mariswe’s
supplier development programme, at (011) 709-8483 or email