Nakambala Sugar Expansion Project

Agriculture Project
Client Zambia Sugar (Illovo)
Location Nakambala Estate, south-west of Lusaka, Zambia
Scope Of Work Contract administration and budget control, construction management and supervision, quality control and materials testing.
Contract Period 2007-2008

Project Detail

The project involved preparing and managing an Integrated Construction Unit (ICU) contract to expand the agricultural infrastructure at Nakambala in Zambia.. The contract included upgrading the sugar mill and planting an additional 10 500 ha of sugar cane.

The infrastructure expansion included 15 pump stations, 12 km of large diameter rising mains, 30 km of canals and five large storage dams to deliver water from the Kafue River, an average distance of 15 km to the more than 85 centre pivots. Once completed, the canal and pump network could deliver more than 450 million litres of water per day.

The land preparation included bush clearing, ripping, land levelling, harrowing and ridging. A new road network required to deliver cane to the mill included more than 250 km of primary, secondary and tertiary cane haulage access roads.