Professional Services for Program Management Unit for Lesotho Highlands Water Project Phase II

Water Services
Client Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA)
Location Lesotho
Scope Of Work Mariswe is the lead partner of the Pula Nala Joint Venture (JV) who was appointed to provide a Project Management Unit (PMU) for Lesotho Highlands Water Project Phase II. The PMU will oversee and manage the implantation of Phase II on behalf of the LHDA , including management oversight and reporting. The JV consist of three companies, namely Mariswe Pty (Ltd), Royal Haskoning DHV and JB Barry and Partners (Ltd).
Contract Period 2023-2029
Value approx. R50 billion.

Project Detail

The Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-phase, bi-national project undertaken by the Governments of the Kingdom of Lesotho and of the Republic of South Africa in accordance with a Treaty signed between the two countries in 1986 The LHWP includes large scale civil engineering, socio-economic and environmental components.  The LHWP will harness the water resources of the Highlands of Lesotho through the construction of a series of dams and tunnels for the mutual benefit both countries. This includes water supply to the Vaal system and hydroelectric power for Lesotho. The first phase (Phase I) of the program was completed in 2003, and the second phase (Phase II) is currently underway..

The Water Transfer component of Phase II will comprise a 163.5 m high Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam at Polihali, downstream of the confluence of Khubelu and Senqu (Orange) Rivers, and a gravity tunnel (38 km long, 5 m diameter) that will connect Polihali Reservoir to the Katse Reservoir. Other Phase II activities include the establishment of Advance Infrastructure (roads, camps, power line, telecommunication system, etc.), feeder roads and implementation of environmental and social impact mitigation measures. A number of bridges will be constructed including the Senqu Bridge, being 880 m long and 110m high at the highest point. The second Phase of the LHWP also includes the construction of a hydroelectric scheme at Oxbow.