Consultancy services for the supervision of works for the expansion of the Lower Ruvu Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Tanzania

Water Project
Client Millennium Challenge Account Tanzania (MCAT)
Location Ruvu River, 80 km north of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Scope Of Work Engineer in terms of FIDIC contract, supply of technical services, technical supervision, project management in association with Mariswe (Tanzania) and EWAREMA Consulting.
Contract Period 2011-2015

Project Detail

This was one of several water supply projects funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to increase investment in human and physical capital and reduce water related diseases in Tanzania.

The Lower Ruvu Water Treatment Plant near the town of Bagamoyo supplies about 4 million people in Dar es Salaam with drinking water. The contract involved expansion of the existing plant from 180 ML/d to 270 ML/d, providing for future expansion to 360 ML/d.

Major elements included a raw water pump station (360 ML/d); a flow division chamber with five separate flow streams (360 ML/d); a pulsator clarifier and four sand filters (90 ML/d); treated water storage reservoir; treated water pump station (360 ML/d); 4 km of large bore pipelines; a concrete lined sludge lagoon (360 ML/d); power supply and transformers (10 MW).