Engineering design services for mining at Gangra, Liberia

Mining Project
Client Engenium on behalf of ArcelorMittal
Location Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa
Scope Of Work Engineering design services involving Mariswe’s Transportation, Structures and Water and Sanitation Divisions.
Contract Period 2016-2018

Project Detail

Steel producer ArcelorMittal is developing the Gangra deposit to provide 5 Mtpa of direct shipping iron ore, which required the construction of the following associated infrastructure:

Permanent 14 km haul road

The project entailed upgrading 6 km of existing road and construction of 8 km of new road, designed for 59 t haul trucks. To meet the dry season construction period and expedite feed to the processing plant, a fast-track, low capex solution was provided with an accelerated construction phase.

Dayea river crossing

An Acrow 700XS® panel bridge system was selected as the most appropriate solution. The 50 m single span modular steel bridge has no intermediate piers and concrete cast in-situ abutments.

Water drainage management

To mitigate potential threats to the environment and communities downstream of the mine, ArcelorMittal formed a task group to develop a sedimentation control plan which included erosion control, coarse sediment trapping and sediment removal downstream if necessary.