KSD Presidential Intervention Programme: Mthatha Wastewater Treatment Works

Water Project
Client Amatola Water
Location Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Scope Of Work Master planning, design, construction management and training in the management, operation and maintenance of the upgraded WWTW.
Contract Period 2012-2017

Project Detail

The KSD Presidential Intervention was earmarked for the socio-economic upliftment of the OR Tambo district. At the centre of the intervention is the development of 17 000 new low-income houses and the upgrade of 18 000 informal households in the town of Mthatha.

Based on the Mthatha Waste Water Master Plan prepared by Mariswe in 2012, a conceptual design was accepted to upgrade the Mthatha Waste Water Treatment Works to a capacity of 50 Ml/d to accommodate the long-term needs of the town.

Phase 1 involved refurbishing the existing 12 Ml/d biofilter works, as well as provision of additional 8Ml/d treatment capacity with waste stabilisation ponds to provide a 20Ml/d WWTW to address capacity constraints. This was followed by construction of a new 50 Ml/d intake works to accommodate the anticipated future capacity of the WWTW.

Phase 2 involved a new 12Ml/d treatment module to expand the capacity of the WWTW to 32 Mℓ/d to accommodate the medium-term growth needs of Mthatha.